TV Shop Owner

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TV Shop Owner
TV Shop Owner.png
Location High Street
Habits Watches TV, looks out window, answers distress calls, removes all items brought into her shop
TV Shop Owner2.png

The TV Shop Owner is a villager in Untitled Goose Game. She works in the TV Shop on High Street. If she receives a phone call asking for help, she will leave her shop and give aid. She tolerates the Goose, however if the Goose is in her shop when she returns, she will shoo it out. She keeps a very tidy shop, and will remove anything that doesn't belong there.

While rescuing the Wimp, she will shoo the Goose away from the Phone Booth.

Take-able items[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately, she has nothing that the Goose can carry. She does, however, have a decent in-shop TV broadcast setup (the Goose may want to check the to-do list).

Push-able items[edit | edit source]

These items can only be pushed.

  • Handset.png Handset (cannot be removed from the area)

Interact-able items[edit | edit source]

These items cannot be taken or removed from the area, but instead are used/operated when clicked on.

  • TV Switch