Pub Patrons

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Pub Patrons
Pub Patron in Blue.pngPub Patron in Yellow.png
Location Pub
Habits Sit, talk and laugh,
Pub Patrons.png

The Pub Patrons are villagers in Untitled Goose Game. They are happy, and spend their whole time in the Pub talking and laughing. If the Goose climbs on the small stage beside their table, they will turn to it excitedly, in anticipation of a performance. They will direct the Goose as to how to perform, clap, and reward it with a flower. Although they are very tolerant of the Goose, getting too close will knock the Goose back.

Steal-able items[edit | edit source]

  • Daisy (although it is awarded to the Goose, the Publican will return it to the table if she catches the Goose with it)