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Untitled Goose
Habits Steals Golden Bells and other items, honks very loudly, sneaks around, and causes chaos
Description A white goose with an orange beak and feet.

The Goose, also known as 'Untitled Goose', is the main character in Untitled Goose Game. Its sole purpose is seemingly to torment the village. Playing as the Goose, the player receives a To-Do List with mischievous plans that must be completed in order to progress through the game.

When in two-player mode, the second goose has a redder beak, slightly larger body, and wider feet, along with a lump on its nose. This feature is seen more often in male geese, or ganders.

Actions[edit | edit source]

  • Honk: Honk loudly, alerting or startling any humans around you. Various items alter the sound of the honk when carried, including the soap, glass bottle, and harmonica.
  • Grab: Carry or drag items.
  • Crouch: Bend down to fit under small gaps or pick up items from the ground.
  • Flap wings: Assert dominance by flapping your large wings.
  • Run: Run quickly to escape the humans.

The Goose performs many tasks, such as making the Old Man fall, making the Wimp fall, making the Publican's Husband fall, and, finally, making a building fall. The Goose also likes to have picnics and has a habit of being rather rude to the humans.

Hairbrushes and pumpkins are good to bring home.

the goose has also appeared in fall guys If you are looking to name your goose, the best names of all are:

Hairbrush if you want a brave gander Pumpkin if you want a beautiful lady goose Hard hat if you plan to have a vary brave and evil gander Clipper if wanting a funny but bold gander Carrot if a young gosling is small and craves advencher